Fine Art Photography

Video: Flutter

Flutter is concerned with capturing the fragility and impermanence that exists in nature, specifically in insects. Insects are creatures who typically have short life spans and in this exhibition become a metaphor of transience, nostalgia, and time. Time is described in the video work by slowing down and speeding up elements of the moths to re-emphasize the transient nature of their fleeting existence. Flutter is ultimately interested in creating a shared experience between humans and insects through the passing moment that has been captured with the camera. The work is an attempt to create a connection with Nature, particularly insects, while also sharing the lives of these ephemeral creatures with the viewer during times in which society is becoming more and more removed from the natural world.

Flutter was awarded Honorable Mention in the 2011 Oxford Film Festival Experimental Block and featured in the Masur Museum annual juried show in Monroe, LA.