Fine Art Photography

III. Blueprint / Redbloom 2020




Blueprint/Redbloom is a visual art and dance performance installation tied to Florida’s coastal environments and the spread of toxic algae blooms. As natives to southern coastal regions, the artists were driven to create a work that touches upon water issues and preservation. Their collaborative process engages movement, poetry and visual art together to discuss recent national headlines on rising tides, ocean pollution and the increased threat and frequency of oxygen-deprived “dead water.” The cyanotype process took place on location in Treasure Island, FL. The fabric was developed with collected ocean water, and resulting amber-colorations allude to red tide and other toxic algae blooms to provoke thought around human impact on our oceans. Our monochromatic process shifts focus from potentially colorful landscapes and figures to textures and forms as a means of capturing the bleakness of this environmental narrative. The static human form interacting with the cyanotype fabrics will then be incorporated and translated into a choreographic process with a dance performed alongside the installation emphasizing the human connection to these pressing issues.

-Amanda Sieradzki & Jaime Aelavanthara